Botella Chilly's 500 ml Garden

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Botella Chilly's 500 ml Garden
Chillys preserves the temperature of your drinks.
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Could the new limited collection of chilly's isothermal bottles be more beautiful?

Hard to beat in terms of the quality of their bottles (made of 34 stainless steel, with a double layer of thermal insulation) they are also specialists in improving themselves with designs, each looking more fun and original.

Chillys makes it easy for you to maintain the temperature of your drinks thanks to its stainless steel bottle.

Thanks to its insulation system your drinks will keep cold or heat for a long time: 24 Hours Cold Ice cold drinks for 24 hours, regardless of the outside temperature.

Its advanced double-layer vacuum insulation keeps your water constantly fresh.

An oasis in the desert. 12 Hours Hot. Keep your tea or coffee hot for 12 hours.

Perfect for long walks or to take your drink to work How grateful you always have a good hot coffee available! Chilly’s Bottles made of 304 stainless steel, a durable and high quality material, both in its inner and outer layers.

This system preserves the flavor and freshness of your drink without any contamination, avoiding the proliferation of bacteria or bad smells. In addition, as an innovation they have a hermetic screw cap that prevents accidental spills.

Ah! We forgot, this system provides vacuum insulation, that is, your Chilly’s Bottle will remain without condensation.

Technical characteristics: Double layer 304 steel. BPA free. Reusable Hermetic plug 24 hours cold 12 Hours Hot. Weight: 0.36 kg Size: 26cm x 7cm (500 ml) Powder painting process in smooth models that make it more resistant.