Centro Hope: Psiquiatría y Psicoterapia

About Us
Centro Hope is made up of a team of psychologists, psychiatrists and psychotherapists who are very enthusiastic about our work. We have been working in the area of ​​mental health and the field of emotions for a long time, and although we have sometimes encountered sad and difficult situations, we consider ourselves fortunate to be able to help people make significant changes in their lives and solve those problems. problems and traumas that impact them. We consider that each person is different, and therefore, the type of help has to be adapted to the needs of the person. In our evolution as health professionals, we have realized that, starting from a deep respect and unconditional acceptance of the person, and combining efficiency, ethics, sense of humor and creativity, the integration of different areas, resources and learned tools, It is essential for the effectiveness and efficacy of therapies. It is also very important that the person is motivated to work and takes responsibility for their therapeutic process. It was in this long journey, where the idea of ​​creating a center arose, where Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Complementary Therapies and Coaching could be combined, both in work with children and adults, integrating what happens in the body, mind , and in the heart. And so the Hope Center was born. Apart from individual sessions of Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Trauma work, couple and family therapy and Coaching, we offer online courses on Personal Growth and Color Psychology: Discover your authentic self without the wounds of childhood. How to attract a good relationship? How to improve your relationship with your partner? Traveling the path of primary colors. Traveling the path of secondary colors. Traveling the path of tertiary colors.