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An initiative of the CompraenTorrelodondes city council that makes available the Plaza electronic commerce platform dedicated to providing agility, confidence and security when selling or acquiring quality products and services. See who we are

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What are the advantages of buying from

We are dedicated to offering you a shopping experience that gives you confidence throughout the entire process.

We differentiate ourselves in:

  • Visible and competitive prices in the market
  • Agility in the acquisition of the product, you can place your order at any time from the site where you are
  • Policies that provide guarantee and security to your purchases
  • Security in transactions, you will receive emails with the information of the status of your order.

What can you buy in

Any person or company that has an interest in acquiring some of the products or services available on the platform, which is previously registered on the portal.

How do you know if the product is correct?

Our platform presents the available products with the characteristics of each one of them; such as name, brand, model, among others. In this way you can identify the product you need.

Can I make transactions outside the CompraenTorrelodones marketplace?.

We recommend you not to do so due to the fact that we are not responsible for transactions/payments/sales outside the website protocol.

How I buy in

Once you enter the page at and register your account or log in, proceed to:

  1. Perform product search
  2. Select item
  3. Process the order
  4. Confirmar la dirección de entrega
  5. Confirm the delivery address
  6. Choose the payment method
  7. Finalize the order
  8. Receive the product
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Payment methods

What are the payment methods?

Currently you can pay through credit and debit card

How safe is it to pay for the platform?

Payment security is one of our priorities, we guarantee the confidentiality of personal data. See Privacy Policies

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Orders and delivery

How to receive or withdraw the product?

You will be able to see the delivery methods offered by the seller in his showcase or when you buy, you simply choose the one that suits you best.

Where can I receive my orders?

In at they have the option of reaching all of Spain globally, however most of the windows are physically located at CompraenTorrelodondes and some of these provide their services or shipments outside the municipality.

To buy do I need a registration on the page?

Yes, it is necessary to be registered so that you can keep track of your orders.

Can I withdraw it?

If the seller offers it among their delivery preferences, you can pick it up in person.

What can you do if your delivery is late?

You can contact the seller directly, if the delivery delay persists you can make the claim through our contact channels and our support team will assist you with the problem. Email / phone

I want to send the purchase to a different address than the one registered in my account

You can add different shipping addresses from your profile.

How is the shipping rate?

The shipping rates of CompraenTorrelodones stores is 5 euro only within the municipality.

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Warranty and returns

What warranty does your purchased products cover?

Each business has its own policies and conditions. You can validate the characteristics of your product or contact the seller directly.

Do I want to request a product return?

Yes, depending on the stipulations of the shops.

How do you check the status of your return?

You can check the status in My orders.

To check the status of your return.

  1. Go to My orders
  2. Junto al pedido correspondiente, seleccione Ver estado de devolución.


Para obtener más información acerca de nuestras políticas de devolución y cuánto tarda en llegar tu reembolso, Go to general conditions of orders and returns.

Can I cancel an order made by mistake?

Yes, you can return the order within 1 hour

  1. Go to My orders
  2. Next to the corresponding order, select cancel order.
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How to register an account?

Registration in CompraenTorrelodondes is very simple:

  1. Enter at
  2. To the right of the upper bar you will find the Customers button, select the Create account option
  3. Complete the form and then click on create account button
  4. By filling in the data correctly, you will be registered in and will receive the confirmation in your email. Registered
  5. Done! You can start buying and enjoy the advantages of being a Purchase client at CompraenTorrelodondes

How do I log in?

With your username and password you can enter Purchase in CompraenTorrelodondes and start your session.

  1. Enter at
  2. To the right of the top bar you will find the Clients button, select the Login option.
  3. Enter your email and password.
  4. Click Login.
  5. If you enter the correct data, the page will refresh and display your name in the same area.

How to reset password?

  1. You must go to the login section
  2. Click on Forgot your password?
  3. Enter the email address affiliated with your Purchase account at CompraenTorrelodondes, enter the captcha and click Submit. Immediately, you will receive an email for password recovery
  4. Follow the instructions in the email to set a new password.

How to update an email?

  1. Log in with your current account to the store.
  2. Login to My Account
  3. Locate the Settings tab
  4. Modify the email in the form
  5. Click Update Information.
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For shops

How to make a good publication of your product?

Your title is the key for buyers to find your product. Therefore, it should be as explicit as possible.

Remember that you can make all the changes you need from the detail of the publication while you have no sales.

  • Generate the title with Product + Brand + product model + some specifications that help to identify the product.
    • Indicate the real brand of your product to avoid intellectual property infringements and claims from your buyers.
    • Do not imply that your product is from a brand other than the real one or mention brands over which you do not have rights or that do not correspond to your product.
    • Do not use other brands to describe your product using words like: "simile", "type", etc.
    • If your product is generic or does not have a brand, always clarify that it is "compatible with" other brands.
    • Separate words with spaces, do not use punctuation or symbols.
    • Check for spelling mistakes. for

      For example: Notebook HP Dual Core 425 LED 14 320 GB 4 GB Wifi HDMI

      Mention all the details in the description, be very specific. In addition to the size, make and model, it includes the technical characteristics, the aspects that differentiate your item from the competition and the warranty

      If for example you sell a cell phone, in its description you could detail:

      • Brand: Samsung
      • Model: S7
      • Capacity: 64 GB
      • Operating system: Android
  • We recommend using the "text only" option, because this will help your publication look fast and good on all devices, including cell phones and tablets. Soon, we will stop using the HTML format
  • Show with images what cannot be described
  • Upload good photos, now you can upload up to 10 images of your product!
  • Add a video of the product working. This will build more trust among buyers.

    At CompraenTorrelodondes we believe in your growth as an entrepreneur or business, therefore we offer you different courses on how to analyze your sales, online sales strategies and additionally we provide you with the support you need.

How are the Collections and shipments processes?

In CompraenTorrelodondes we will send your sales through our digital wallet through the central bank of Spain. If the buyer pays you in cash or by other means you offer, always take security measures before delivering the product:

  • Count all the money and verify that it is authentic.
  • In the case of checks, confirm that you have funds.
  • If it is a transfer, confirm with the bank that it has been credited.

We remind you that CompraenTorrelodondes is not responsible for these types of payments because they are made outside the marketplace. For more information you can read our: General conditions of orders and returns

Shipments will depend on the logistics of each business. Example:

If you are going to send the product on your own to the address that the buyer gave you, we advise you:

  • Always confirm that the money is credited to your account before sending.
  • Send it on behalf of the buyer to make sure it is received directly.
  • Always keep a copy of the company's shipping receipt showing the shipping address and date. If a buyer makes a claim, this will help you resolve the dispute and you will be able to access the Seller Protection Program.

If you are going to make personal deliveries of the product, it is important that biosafety measures are taken and take into account some things:

  • Plan the exchange in a safe place: public spaces can be ideal settings, a busy corner in summer or a shopping center if it's cold!
  • Have him sign a delivery form that shows:
    • Operation number and product title.
    • Delivery date.
    • Full name, identity document and signature of the person who receives it.

How do I see my Reputations and opinions?

You can view them in the summary of your panel as a showcase and in your panel as administrator in the Reputations tab.

To solve problems with one of the opinions, it is recommended to dialogue with the buyer or we can mediate to help you reach a solution. Our support email is: [email protected]

How do we protect sellers?

If there is a problem with a purchase, someone may make a complaint to you. Which are mostly simple misunderstandings that are resolved very quickly.

En CompraenTorrelodondes te avisamos y si es necesario, podemos mediar para ayudarte a llegar a una solución. Nuestro correo de soporte es: [email protected]

When can I use this service?

You can start using this service now, you just have to register and start publishing your products.

How much does it cost me to upload my trade in CompraenTorrelodondes?

It's totally free.

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